In 2013 maakte ze furore met 'Blood Hot', daarna scoorde ze twee voltreffers aan de zijde van Anton Newcombe van The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Nu is de Canadese helemaal terug met 'And Those Were Seen Dancing'

Paste Magazine (8,4) - Tess Parks Reimagines Psychedelia for the Present Day

Almost a decade after her debut, Parks draws from years' worth of material for a seamless sophomore album that reflects the richness of a whole lifetime. 

'And Those Who Were Seen Dancing' certainly isn’t the first album to put a fresh spin on the psych aesthetic, but by shrugging off its constraints, Parks has left her own definitive mark on it. Perhaps inadvertently, by letting these songs change over time, she’s also shown us that we sometimes reap the most reward from the past, paradoxically enough, when we don’t try so hard to capture it.

Tekst: Pastemagazine

Exclaim! (8.0) - Tess Parks Struts Forward Resiliently

With heavy doses of Mellotron, downtempo breakbeats, electric piano, fuzzy guitars, family and fortitude, 'And Those Who Were Seen Dancing' demands to be heard and felt. If Parks needs to take another decade to follow this album up, it will be worth the effort and the wait, for these perfectly imperfect moments were forged by resilience.

Tekst: Exclaim!