Cola, de band van Tim Darcy and Ben Stidworthy die we al volgens van toen ze nog furore maakten met Ought heeft een single uit en het alweer een pareltje geworden.

Paste Magazine

Cola Inject Sharp Hooks into Hypnotic Post-Punk on New Single “Keys Down If You Stay”.

It’s an anti-climax track that holds steady at a meditative pace. Darcy’s vocals are dipped in a near-spoken word sheen, as Stidworthy applies some tasty bass behind Darcy’s looping guitar.


“Evan woke from a dream one morning: the three of us jamming with the memory of this exact drum part still etched in his mind,” Darcy explains of the track. “That was how this one started… ‘Keys Down If You Stay’ has already become a live staple for us so we were thrilled to finally lay it down earlier this year. Our friend OK Pederson created the brilliant video for the track, a piercing and funny take on Cost Of Living.”