Seagulls hebben zopas aangekondigd dat ze jammergenoeg ophouden met bestaan. Na tal van mooie shows op één van onze podia zwaaien we hen uit tijdens BREAGULLSFEST op zaterdag 3 december in De Zwerver. Mis dit niet!

Officieel statement

"Hi everyone,

We’re sad to announce that Dec. 3 will be our last show as a band.

This news might come sudden or unexpected to some, but it’s something we’ve been considering for some time.

Although we’re just a small band, we don’t take this one lightly. We’ve always put a lot of time, effort and energy in our music and got heaps of good times, laughter, friendships and crazy memories in return. But due to other priorities and lack of motivation, we decided to focus on other things in life.

We’re very grateful for every fan or friend we made along the way. We really want to thank everyone who helped, supported or enjoyed our music. Cheers to all of you who made this journey possible for us!

And don’t worry, our last show won’t be a sad gathering of any kind. It might just be the total opposite! We’re looking forward to hit it big one more time and hope to see you all on the 3th!

Thanks you so much.

It’s been a ride!

- The brothers -"

Officieel statement